Accent Items are used to highlight people who appear in charts and other output. Each Accent Item includes a filter to select people and a number (1 to 10) that determines which Accent Style is applied to people who pass the filter. You may add one or more Accent Items, but at most only one Accent Item will be applied to a person.

GedSite defines ten Accent Styles. You may define more than ten Accent Items, but if so, two or more of the Accent Items will share the same accent style.


GedSite evaluates the filters associated with the Accent Items in the sequence the Accent Items appear in the list. Once a person passes a filter, GedSite will not evaluate any more filters. As a result, a person will be decorated by at most one Accent Style.

You do not have to put Accent Items in sequence by the Accent Style number you choose for the items. For example, if you want the filter for Accent Style 2 to take precedence over the filter for Accent Style 1, move the Accent Item for Accent Style 2 above the Accent Item for Accent Style 1.


This example shows how to add an accent for direct ancestors in an Indented Descendant Chart. The chart shows the descendants of ID #1, George Bezanson. The highlighted entries show the line of descent between George Bezanson and his descendant Alta Florence Wood, ID #5255.

The following screenshot shows a partially expanded Indented Descendant chart with the highlight already in place. The next several screenshots will show how to add the accent in GedSite.

screenshot of indented descendant chart showing highlighted descendants


  1. Open the Indented Descendant Chart to edit it, then click the "Accents" tab.
  2. Click the [+] button under the empty list of Accent Items, then click Accent Item to add an Accent Item:

    screenshot of Accents tab with empty Accent Items list

  3. In the Add Accent Item window, key a title. In this case, we'll use "Direct Ancestors".

    When the User Item that uses the accent includes a legend, the Title property appears in the legend.

  4. Click the [+] button under the empty Person Filter list and then click "Ancestor of" to add an "Ancestor of" filter:

    screenshot of Accent Item showing [+] button open under Person Filter

  5. Set the Subject to the ID number of the person of interest, which is ID #5255, Alta Florence Wood. We can key the ID number, or choose her from the Picklist. We'll also uncheck the "Include Spouses" checkbox because we do not want to highlight spouses:

    screenshot of filter term Ancestor of

    To make a chart of your own, adjust the ID number to select the appropriate descendant in your genealogy project.

  6. Click [OK] to close the "Ancestor of" filter term window. The Accent Item window will now show the title of the filter term:

    screenshot of Accent Item showing filter term

  7. Click [OK] to close the "Accent Item" window. The Accents list will now include the "Direct Ancestors" Accent Item:

    screenshot of Accents tab showing filter term

  8. Click [OK] to close the Edit Indented Chart item.

After following the steps above, and making the site, the Indented Descendant Chart will include highlights for the direct line of descendants between the subject of the chart (#1, George Bezanson) and the descendant of interest (#5255, Alta Florence Wood).

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