advertisement Family Trees Family Trees are GEDCOM files downloaded from user-maintained trees. As of this writing, GEDCOM files may only be downloaded by the owner of the tree via the [Export Trees] button in the My Trees section.

Witnesses and Roles

It does not appear that Family Trees support witnesses or roles. GedSite assigns the role "Principal" to the person who owns an individual event, or to the husband and wife attached to a marriage or other family event.


It does not appear that Family Trees includes sentence templates in its GEDCOM export.

URL Exhibits

GEDCOM files exported by Family Trees often include media file references that use URLs to refer to web pages. GedSite treats these as URL exhibits, external documents that are assumed to be available at the given URL. GedSite does not attempt to download the document and does not check the URL for validity. When making the site, GedSite inserts a link to the URL where the exhibit would normally appear.

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