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The ID Lookup User Item is a Content Item that creates a simple input form on a custom Page. The form provides input fields visitors can use to navigate to a person entry based on a person's ID number.

The ID Lookup User Item is not intended for typical public sites because it can only be used by visitors who know ID numbers. However, for sites where some visitors know ID numbers, including sites made by GedSite users for their own use, the ID Lookup User Item may be useful.

An ID Lookup User Item is a Content Item and does not create a page of its own. You must add it to a Page User Item or you will not see its content.

The ID Lookup form uses a JSON index that is included as part of the page. For very large sites, 100,000 people or more, it may take a little time for the page to load due to the size of the index.

The ID Lookup form relies on Javascript. If a visitor has Javascript disabled, the form will not appear on the page.

The form uses a script that executes in the visitor's browser and does not depend on any remote server, so it will work with sites published on the web and sites published on removable media.

Edit ID Lookup

The Edit ID Lookup window controls the properties associated with the User Item.


The Enabled checkbox controls whether or not the User Item is processed when GedSite is making the site.


Enter a title for the user Item. The title is not displayed as part of the ID Lookup form, but the User Item must have a title to identify it in the list of User Items.

Page Section

See Page Section on the User Items page.


The Alignment pull-down menu controls whether the image appears inline, floats left, is centered, or floats right. When floated left or right, any subsequent content will flow around the picture on the opposite side.


See Clear on the User Items page.