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The Pedigree Link User Item creates a link to the site's Interactive Pedigree chart. The link may be added to the current page, to one of the site menus, or both.

The link will open the Interactive Pedigree chart with the initial subject set to the person whose ID number is specified in the User Item.

See the Interactive Pedigree chart page for more information.



Use the Picklist button to open the Picklist, a dialog window where you can select a person by name. When you use the Picklist button, GedSite will set the Title to the selected person's name and the ID to the selected person's ID number.


Specify the ID number of the person who will be the initial subject of the Interactive Pedigree chart. When you edit the ID number, GedSite will set the Title to the selected person's name.


Use the Generations textbox to specify how many generations the chart should contain when opened from the Pedigree Link item. The allowable range is 3 to 5. The default is 3 generations.

The visitor may adjust the number of generations via a pull-down menu above the chart.


The Description text will appear next to the link when the link appears in lists on a Page Item.

The Menu property determines whether or not the link is added to one or more of the site's menus. The Menu property defaults to "none". Change it to one of the other choices to make the item appear in a menu.

The Menu property is ignored when the link is not at the top-level (left-most) of User Items.

Page Section

See Page Section in the Common Properties section of the User Items help page.