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A Tag Set Table Panel creates tabular output from column definitions you define.

See the Tag Sets help page for more information about Tag Sets.


Show Headings

If Show Headings is checked, the table will include a row for the column headings.

The Show Column Heading property for each column determines whether a particular column's heading appears or not. If Show Headings is checked, but Show Column Heading is unchecked for a particular column, that column will have an empty column heading in the output.

Capitalize First Letter

If Capitalize First Letter is checked, and the column value begins with a lowercase letter, the letter will be capitalized. This is useful when the database value is lowercase but you want to capitalize it when shown in the table.


Each entry in the Columns list defines a column in the table output. The icons beneath the list follow the same rules as other lists in the program: use the plus icon to add a column, use the pencil icon to edit a column, etc. The sequence of the columns defines the left-to-right sequence of the output columns.

Column Properties


Each column must have a Heading value, and that value is shown in the column list. The Heading value may or may not appear as the column's heading in the outout.

Show Heading

If Show Heading is checked, and the Tag Set Table Panel is configured to include a heading row, the column's heading will appear in the output.

Predefined Values

The Predefined Values pull-down menu provides a series of options to determine the content of the column. The choices are listed on the Tag Sets help page.


If the Predefined Values pull-down menu is set to "Manual", the content of the column is determined by the sentence structure typed into the Value property. You may use any of the person variables or tag variables to specify the output you want.


If you specify a CSS class name in the Class property, GedSite will add a class parameter to each cell in the column.

You can use classes that GedSite provides:

  • gs-pan-td-age
  • gs-pan-td-date
  • gs-pan-td-year