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The Role window provides both the Add and Edit Role functions.



The Label property defines the text GedSite inserts into output to identify the role associated with a person attached to an event.


The Enabled property controls whether the Role definition is enabled or not. A disabled role is ignored when GedSite is making the output and the role will have no sentences defined.


The Name property defines the identifier that GedSite uses to connect the person's record in the GEDCOM file to the role definition and thus the role's sentence(s). When a role is not defined in the GEDCOM file, GedSite assigns the role name "Principal" or "Witness" depending on how the person is attached to the event.


The Mode pull-down menu has two values, One sentence for all and Sentence per gender.

When Mode is set to One sentence for all, the Sentence for All property is enabled, and that sentence will be applied to everyone who is assigned to the role. The other sentences are disabled and ignored.

When Mode is set to Sentence per Gender, the following three textboxes are enabled:

  • Sentence for All is used for people with an unknown gender.
  • Sentence for Female is used for people with gender=F.
  • Sentence for Male is used for people with gender=M.

For information about sentence rules and variables, see the Sentences page.