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GedSite Version 2.06 Released

This release includes several enhancements, changes, and fixes, including a scripting change related to the introduction of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation. I recommend that all users upgrade to this version.

See the Change Log for a description of changes in version 2.06.

General Data Protection Regulation

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into effect on 25 May 2018 contains requirements that sometimes apply to HTTP cookies. Prior to this release, GedSite would sometimes use HTTP cookies, but not to gather personally-identifiable information. Someone visiting or assessing the site might assume otherwise.

As of this release, GedSite no longer uses HTTP cookies. In prior versions, GedSite would use HTTP cookies when Web storage was not available. As of this version, GedSite will only use Web storage. There is no loss of functionality because Web storage is supported by all current browsers. Web storage does not share information with a server, and the contents of the data stored in Web storage by GedSite are not sent to a server some other way, so GDPR regulations do not apply.

Google Maps Platform

On May 2, 2018, Google announced changes that affect users of GedSite's Map User Item. For GedSite users, the most important change is the requirement to create a billing account to continue using the Google Maps API. Prior to this change, GedSite users had to register to use the API, but it was not necessary to create a billing account.

Even though you must create a billing account, Google is still providing a free tier that includes $200 of free monthly usage. For most if not all GedSite users, that will be more than enough to avoid a fee. However, you must create a billing account. Also, you may want to configure your API key and place a cap on your usage that prevents you from using more than the free amount.

If you are using a Google Maps API key, Google has already sent you an email message announcing the changes and explaining what steps to take. If you did not receive that message, please read Google's announcement and follow the steps describe there.

There are no changes required in GedSite. You must continue to provide a Google Maps API key in the API Keys Section, as was true before the policy change by Google.

How to Download

Existing customers may download the current version from the Downloads page.

To use the current version, you need a license for GedSite 4.

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