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The Lightbox feature allows visitors to open a full-size version of a reduced-size image without leaving the current page. The name is borrowed from a device used in photography for viewing slides and other translucent films. The Lightbox feature is part of the Exhibit Gallery and Image User Items. GedSite also adds Lightbox controls for embedded exhibits.

The Lightbox is only available if Javascript is enabled in the visitor's browser. If Javascript is disabled, the button for opening the lightbox will open the image file in the browser. This shows the image at full size, but does not include a caption or other controls.

Image Icons

The Lightbox facility adds one or both of the following icons above an image:

Opens a page associated with the image. This icon is only present if the image is linked to another page.
Opens the full-size image in the lightbox.

The icon colors vary based on the colors defined in the current Theme.