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You may add Person References items to the Person Entry list to include links to other pages where the person appears. For example, if a person appears in a List of People or on a chart, you may includes links from the person entry back to those pages using the Person References item.

Person Referenes are assigned a type based on the item that creates the reference, and you may select the type of entries you want to appear. See Type Selections.

Each of the items that create references include properties that control whether the reference is created or not. For example, if the Add References property of the List of People User Item is checked, then the List of People will add references for each person included in the list. Otherwise, it will not.

person reference process diagram showing page items create references which are added to pages
Page items create references, and the Person Reference item adds the references to a Person Entry.

For descendant charts, you may configure the chart to add references for the descendants, and you may choose to add references for spouses, or not.

Links to other people based on relationships or shared events do not appear in a Person References list. Those links are created by relationships or shared events in the GEDCOM file.


The following screenshot shows the output from two Person References items. The first Person References item has the title "Charts" and includes Chart-type references only. The second Person References item has the title "Lists" and includes List-type references only.

screenshot of person references output
Example Person References Output



Enter the text that you want to appear as the label for the person references.

If your Title text includes the characters ||, the text before the || will be the title if there is only one entry in the list, and the text after the || will be the title if there is more than one entry in the list.


See Enabled in the Common Properties section of the User Items help page.

Type Selections

Type Checkbox If checked, includes references from:
Chart Box Descendant Charts
Box Pedigree Charts
Indented Descendant Charts
Indented Pedigree Charts
Relationship Charts
Link Person Links
List Lists of People

List Type

The List Type pull-down menu determines the format of the list of references. The choices are:

Value Example Output
Comma Separated Descendants of John Doe, World War I Veterans
Row Separated Descendants of John Doe
World War I Veterans
Semicolon Separated Descendants of John Doe; World War I Veterans