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The Person Entry Section controls the sequence of content in person entries. The list in the Person Entry section includes a number of items that you can edit, including Tag Sets.

The items are:

You may create multiple instances of some items, such as Attribute, Literal Text and Tag Set items. If an item appears in the pop-up menu that appears when you click the [+] button, you may create multiple instances of the item type.

The Person Entry Sections list expands to fill the right-hand pane of the main window. Buttons to manipulate the list are beneath the list, including: Add Item, Edit Item, Delete Item, Move Item Up, and Move Item Down. The other buttons are disabled because they do not apply to the items in the Person Entry list.

Many of the items listed above cannot be deleted or renamed. They control the position of a section of the Person Entry, and there can only be one section of those items. You may enable or disable those items; a disabled item will not appear in the output.