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The Subject Name item in the Person Entry list controls the inclusion of the subject's name in the person entry. If the item is enabled, which is the default, the subject's name is included in a heading format. You may disable the Subject Name entry, but it is not recommended.


Person Prefix

The Person Prefix pull-down menu controls whether GedSite inserts a value before the subject name. The choices are:

Choice Description
None GedSite will not add a prefix to the name.
Attribute GedSite will add a prefix using the value of the Attribute indicated by the Person Prefix Attribute property.
ID Number GedSite will add a prefix using the ID number of the person.
Manual GedSite will add a prefix using the value produced by the template you specify in the Person Prefix Template property.

Person Prefix Attribute

The Person Prefix Attribute textbox is enabled when the Person Prefix property is set to "Attribute". You must enter the name of an Attribute. Attributes are imported from several source applications and GedSite may also assign Attribute values.

You can explore Attribute names and values via the Record Browser.

For more information about Attributes, see the Attribute Person Entry Item.

Person Prefix Template

The Person Prefix Template textbox is enabled when the Person Prefix property is set to "Manual". You must enter a template that yields a value that you want to use as a prefix.

Why would you use a template you specify yourself? Here is one example.

If you set Person Prefix to "ID Number", GedSite inserts the ID number of the person with a leading "#" and no commas in the number, for example, "#1234". If you prefer a different format, such as a different leading character or a number with a thousands separator, you can use a manual template. Here's a manual template value that will insert the person's ID number with a leading "I" character and with a thousands separator in the ID number:


Note that commas in the format are replaced by the locale-appropriate thousands separator. The separator is a comma for US English but will be locale-appropriate based on the site Language value.