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Literal Text items in the Person Entry list add text to the person entry in the location indicated by the item's position in the list. You may use these items to add a disclaimer about the state of research, a per-person copyright notice, a request to send updates, or some other message that you want added to a person's entry. You may add as many Literal Text items as you want.


Use the Text property to specify the text you want to add to the person Entry. The text may contain plain text or HTML. Use the HTML Editor (F7), if desired, to edit the value.

Evaluate Text Codes

If Evaluate Text Codes is checked, you may use Text Codes in the text value.

If Evaluate Text Codes is not checked, which is the default, any text that is (or looks like) a Text Code will be treated as literal text.

Person Filter

If you specify a filter using the Person Filter property, GedSite will only add the text for people who pass the filter.